Showmen of the new generation: who is Eldar Dzharakhov and where does he live?


A blogger and rap artist, a member of the Click Klak and Successful Group groups, is the founder of the blogging rap genre

Full name: Eldar Kazanfarovich Dzharakhov

Date of Birth: 07/12/1994 (25 years old)

Place of Birth: from. Storozhevsky Khutor, Lipetsk region

Zodiac sign: Crayfish

News with a star: 0

Biography of Eldar Dzharakhov

Eldar Dzharakhov was born on July 12, 1994 in the village of Storozhevskie Khutor of the Lipetsk Region.

At six, the boy moved with his parents to Novokuznetsk. Eldar was sick with diabetes and he needed qualified treatment, which was not in his native village. It was at this time that he began to make music.

At seven, Eldar went to school, but most of all he liked to sing. In the sixth grade, Dzharakhov began to perform rap, and in high school, together with a friend Alexander Smirnov (Tileks), they created the rap group “Prototypes MCs”. The group quickly became popular.

After school, Eldar and Tilex changed the name of the group to “Successful Group”. The first "obeyed" the social network "Vkontakte", and then YouTube. Another change was the addition of a new member Ilya Prusikin to the group, and then the new name “ClickKlackBand” followed. Rappers released satirical and parody videos, which began to gain views.

The next step was the creation of their own channel “Dzharakhov” on the YouTube channel, and then the release of the show “Give the bream”.

In 2013, Eldar began dating video blogger Julia Resh, but the relationship did not last more than two years.

In 2016, Dzharakhov met with model Yana Tkachuk.

In 2018, Eldar released his debut album "ROCKnROFL", where he prepared 12 tracks for his fans.

Now Dzharakhov is actively developing a blogging career, but also does not forget about his


Eldar Dzharakhov is a popular video blogger and musician. Eldar became famous in 2013 when he received the “Runet Media Award” award for the “Successful Group” project.

Eldar Kazanfarovich Dzharakhov was born in the village of Sentryevye farms of the Usman district of the Lipetsk region. By nationality, Eldar is a purebred Lezgin, both parents of the boy also belong to this nationality.

Video blogger Eldar Dzharakhov

At five years old, Eldar was diagnosed with diabetes. It is believed that the disease affected the physical development of the boy: in adulthood, the growth of Eldar Dzharakhov was only 158 cm.

When Eldar was six years old, the family of the future blogger moved to the industrial Novokuznetsk of the Kemerovo region. Young Eldar became interested in music, since childhood the boy dreamed of performing on the big stage.

Eldar Dzharakhov in childhood

In 2000, Eldar went to a comprehensive school of Novokuznetsk. Eldar was not prone to humanitarian or natural science subjects. The boy was much more interested in participating in school cultural events. Eldar Dzharakhov and his school friend Alexander Smirnov created the rap group Prototypes MC. Young musicians showed a rational approach to creativity: Eldar wanted to sing, but realized that his vocal data was not suitable for performing pop songs, so he chose to rap.

Music and Blog

The creative biography of Dzharakhov began at school. The first performances of the group, although they were shot on the phone’s camera, were not published due to the difficult access to the Internet. Local clubs learned about the existence of musicians through word of mouth.

Eldar Dzharakhov with glasses

Eldar graduated from high school with a “troika” in the certificate, but by this time the group of the musician had already performed several times in the clubs of Novokuznetsk.

Eldar and Alexander begin to record the first videos that are uploaded to the channel on YouTube. Bloggers record humorous sketches that are unsuccessful and do not bring young people profit.

In 2012, the duo changed its name to the saying “Successful group”. Bloggers recorded a song for the popular public social network "Vkontakte" "MDK". Young people sent the "Anthem MDK" to public moderators. The administration appreciated the song and offered the musicians collaboration and advertising. For a couple of months, a million people watched the video, “Successful Group” became popular on the Internet, fans started massively subscribing to the bloggers channel.

On the wave of success, the duo recorded the video “Red Moccasin” - a parody of the popular Korean video “Gangnam Style”. Then Dzharakhov uploads videos to the original songs. Eldar records the track “Pokeball” and other rap songs.

During this period, the third member Ilya Prusikin joined the duo, giving rise to a new project called ClickKlakBand. The trio shot video parodies and short humorous game videos that they uploaded on their channel.

In 2013, a group of bloggers received the Runet Media Award. With the money earned on the project, Eldar buys an apartment in St. Petersburg and moves to the northern capital. In the same year, young people first gave a concert on the big stage. The rap group performed in the nightclub “Cap” in St. Petersburg. Then the musicians staged a tour of the cities of Russia.

Eldar Dzharakhov in the project “Visiting Ohrip”

In 2014, Eldar creates a new project, “Visiting Ohrip”. The role of Ohripe is played by Jarakhov himself, who invites popular bloggers to the Internet broadcast to interview and talk about topics of interest to subscribers. The project goes on the new blogger’s channel, which is called “Come on Lime”. The channel also runs a cycle of video "Rap School", where Dzharakhov plays the role of a teacher and "leads the lessons" by reading rap texts.

Eldar Dzharakhov without glasses

The musician attends rap battles. According to rumors, Eldar participated in the battle with Nick Chernikov, but there is no video confirmation of this.

In 2015, Eldar more seriously tried himself as an actor and starred in the Internet project “Great Confrontation”. The video cycle was timed to coincide with the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, so in the Great Controversy, Jarakhov played Master Yoda. Other popular video bloggers also took part in the shootings: Stas Davydov, IvanGai, Katya Klep, Ruslan Usachev and others became Eldar's colleagues.

Personal life

According to the blogger, he does not have a tattoo or piercing, nor does he have a favorite music group or favorite film.

Not to reveal the secrets of personal life is one of the rules of Eldar. The blogger believes that personal information can become a lever of pressure, and fans are much more interested in watching a person about whom the public knows little.

Eldar Dzharakhov and his girlfriend

Nevertheless, it is known that the blogger met with Julia Resh, but long ago broke up with the girl and is not looking for a new relationship. Dzharakhov and Resh broke up peacefully, without clarifying relations and scandals. Young people realized that they did not fit together, and dispersed.

Eldar Dzharakhov in 2017

The lack of new girls has given rise to rumors about the blogger’s unconventional sexual orientation, but Eldar and his entourage deny these speculations.

Eldar gives a verified portion of information about his life on Instagram, where a million people are subscribed to the blogger’s account.

Creative path, biography and family.

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Name and surname:Eldar Dzharakhov
Middle name:Kazanfarovich
Name in English:Eldar djarahov
Year of birth:1994
Birthday:July, 12
Place of Birth:Lipetsk region, Storozhevsky farms
Occupation:video blogger
Height:158 cm.
Weight:50 kg
Eastern horoscope:Dog
Social network:Vk Twitter Instagram Youtube

Childhood and youth

The future star of the Russian YouTube was born on July 12, 1994 in the village of Storozhevskie Khutor, located in the Usman district of the Lipetsk region. He became the first child of his parents, of which only their nationality is known - Lezgins. Later, he had a younger sister named Esmir.

When the boy was 5 years old, he became ill with diabetes mellitus (for some reason, some explain his current small growth - 158 cm). A year later, their family moved to the south of Western Siberia, in Novokuznetsk. At school, he did not shine with great scientific abilities, but he played with pleasure in an amateur theater, inventing miniatures and funny videos.

From the first grade, he became friends with Alexander Smirnov, today known as the blogger Sasha Tileks. Around the 6th grade, friends went into hip-hop, began to compose rhythmic recitatives and perform, knocking together their band Prototypes MC’s. Eldar took on the creative pseudonym D.L. GREEZ. Once he took second place in the district contest "Daredevil" in the category "Rap Song", "reread" most of the participants.

After that, the rap duo began to be invited to perform on the stages of local youth clubs. Around the same time, they began to upload their work on YouTube - music videos, ironic monologues, funny sketches. But they were not very popular with viewers and did not bring the desired income, especially since YouTube was a novelty for Runet.

Relatives were not too happy about his son’s hobby, especially since he graduated from school with almost all the “three” in the certificate. However, over time, they got enough reason to be proud of Eldar.

Career development

In 2010, young bloggers created the rap project "Successful Group" on YouTube video hosting. In his repertoire, they included musical compositions and comic sketches, in particular, “I will give you this whole world”, “If not worth it”. In order to promote their channel on social networks in 2012, they sent their music video “E RON DON DON” to the court of MDK - the multi-million-dollar public “VKontakte”

Their work impressed the community administration and subscribers, collecting over 2 million views in 2 months. The musicians were offered cooperation - promotion in exchange for the placement of MDK symbols in their products. As a result, the Success Group channel received an influx of users. The work of the rap duet was highly appreciated by the Federal Press Agency of the Russian Federation - the Runet Media Prize 2013.

The next step on the blogger’s path to success was Red Moccasin, a video parody released by the Korean rapper PSY's Gangnam Style. In the video, Eldar acted as a guest worker from the Caucasus named Ohrip and ridiculed stereotypes associated with ethnic minorities. The number of views of the clip exceeded even the expectations of its creators, reaching 6 million in a couple of months. Among the Internet projects of the youth of that period, one can mention the “REP School # 1”, where he taught classes in the form of a recitative.

The collaboration of Eldar with the musician Ilya Prusikin (Ilyich) from the Little Big band, which resulted in the creation of the ClickKlack channel, was very successful. On its pages were published “amazing thrash”, mixed shows, series and other entertaining content from the authors of the community and their like-minded friends.

In 2013, a joint video with Eldar “Dangerous” was released with Ilyich. A lot of positive emotions for the fans brought a series of issues “Visiting Ohrip”, in one of which Sergey Zverev was a guest. In creating songs and clips common with Dzharakhov, such well-known YouTube artists as Yuri Muzychenko, Anton Rival, Nikolai Sobolev, Ruslan Usachev, Artem Blizin were also noted. The indefatigable Dzharakhov recorded video in other ways: Innocent (“Be easier”), Eduard Eduashi (“Nastya”).

Many creative projects of ClickKlackBand, as their team began to call themselves, were pleased with the growing army of YouTube fans. This is “Shocking karaoke”, “Destroyers of experiments”, “Give the bream” (in the course of the last two participants tried to make each other laugh, and who could not stand it and laughed, deserved a crack from the opponent).

In 2014, after meeting with the “meaningless”, according to him, L'One song “Mr. Heisenberg”, the video blogger, speaking on behalf of the village boy, presented a similar video “about a member” called “My Eldak”, which later collected 6, 5 million views. In the same period, he registered the “Let's Lyme” channel, a school of video bloggers. The project was flowing offline - the course teachers taught everyone who wanted to edit the video, find ideas for videos, not be afraid of the camera and make money on their subscribers.

In 2015, Dzharakhov presented about a dozen new songs. Then the videos of the “Successful Group” came out with Artem Bizin, Nick Chernikov, Maria Way, “Anton from France”, Dmitry Vlaskin. He even worked with Disney on the Great Confrontation online project, launched in support of Star Wars. Jarakhov embodied the image of Master Yoda, intending, along with a number of other well-known bloggers, to seize power on YouTube.

In the next year’s series of episodes “Family” on “ClickKlack”, he presented the song “Little World”, where he joked about his growth, released the video “Pokeball” regarding the game “Pokemon Go”, which again gathered about 6 million views, created a track and The Strange VR clip for advertising the Doctor Strange blockbuster by Marvel Comics.

Notable was the collaboration of the St. Petersburg blogger with the operator Beeline. Participating in the show “You can do everything”, in December he uploaded a clip of the same name created jointly with Nastya Ivleeva and Stas Davydov to advertise the new tariff. Experts noted the presence of Eldar's corporate humor, as well as very beautiful locations and high quality shooting.

In fairness, it should be noted that there are critical reviews about the resource and work of the video blogger. A number of viewers consider them uninteresting and vulgar.

About Eldar Jarakhov

Eldar Kazanfarovich Dzharakhov was born on July 12, 1994 in the Lipetsk region. All his childhood grew up with his father and mother in the village of the Usman district. At the age of six, the boy was diagnosed with diabetes.

From six years old he lived in Novokuznetsk. He always dreamed of connecting life with the scene. He studied at the Lyceum №46 of the city of Lipetsk.

Currently lives and works in St. Petersburg. In August 2016, he moved to a new apartment, which he showed at the end of the release of his video blog.

Even at school, Eldar became friends with Alexander Smirnov, who is better known on the Internet as Sasha Tileks.

School art

As a schoolboy, he took part in the regional contest of actual youth creativity “Daredevil”, where he won second place in the category “Rap Song”. Studying has always been a weakness of Eldar - in the certificate for the ninth grade there are only three fours.

Growing up, Eldar realized that his voice was not suitable for a standard singer, so he decided to engage in rap. At this time, he begins to shoot various satirical videos, performs at various competitions and events.

All this was shot on a simple phone, however, everything that was shot was never seen, since the Internet was not widespread. School comrades took stage names for themselves: for the group - Prototypes MC’s, for Eldar himself - D.L. Greez.

The formation of creativity

After graduating from nine classes, Eldar decided to devote all his time to music and rap in particular. The guy’s music catalog was dominated by songs about love relationships and depression. The music reflected his feelings, so all of their problems and failures with the opposite sex were set forth in the texts of the group.

Eldar believes that his private life should not be flaunted.

He explains this by the fact that surrounding, close people can become a target for pressure from enemies and “haters”. He also believes that the public will always be interested in following the work of that person about whom they know almost nothing.

Dzharakhov became interested in creating videos at the age of 18. Initially, the content did not have a specific focus, there were sketches and music. The channel was not very popular. The turning point for Dzharakhov was the public MDK in Vkontakte.

At that moment, those videos that were made in order to promote this page got to the main page of the public.The rep duet quickly created the “Anthem of the MDK”, which the public administration really liked. The MDK logo appeared on their video, and the video itself became "viral."

This collaboration was the starting point for a guy's career. Eldar’s YouTube channel is now very popular.

For a couple of years, the blogger has gained more than one million subscribers on the Successful Group channel, and the video clip Krasny Mokasin has more than 6.5 million views.

Lives in St. Petersburg for more than five years.

Dzharakhov believes that the main thing in the content is an unusual and extravagant idea, and not an expensive video sequence or high-quality sound. He does not exalt himself to the rank of ideal bloggers, however, he believes that personalities such as Ruslan Usachev and Masha Wei are close to ideal.

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Jarakhov Click Clack

In early 2016, blogger Eldar Dzharakhov decides to rebrand the second YouTube channel project of the Success Group, which received a new name - ClickKlak. As part of the same rebranding, the video blogger begins to work on such unique content formats as “M / F”, “Dorisuy-Ka!”, “Thrash Lotto"," Family "," Shocking Karaoke "," As You Say ","Seems to have felt«, «Played the Box"And a number of others.

team click clack

In the second half of 2016, the video blogger stops shooting videos, claiming that he was visited by a creative crisis and depression. It was at this moment that Eldar decides to shoot unpretentious videos in which he talks about everything that worries him. And the audience, oddly enough, appreciated this content format. Number of subscribers YouTube-channel continued to increase.

During 2016, the musician shot three video clips for songs such as “Little World”, “Pokeball” and “Strange”.

In October 2016, Eldar receives an invitation from Beeline to participate in the project “Everything Is Possible”, where he, along with bloggers Stas Davydov and Nastya Ivleeva, was a member of the jury.

Dzharakhov and Ivleev can all

Eldar Kazanfarovich Dzharakhov on social networks:

The future famous blogger Eldar Dzharakhov was born in the Lipetsk region. In childhood, he was no different from his peers, except that his health let us down - at the age of five, the boy was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus.

But he did not prevent the young man from developing and being interested in different aspects of life. In 2000, when Eldar was 6 years old, his family moved to Novokuznetsk, here the boy went to school.

It was here that he met with Sasha Smirnov, who in the future will become known to the world as Sasha Tileks. Eldar always wanted to sing, but he had problems with his voice, so the boy chose one of the most non-melodic directions - rap.

Perhaps it was his intense passion for music that led Dzharakhov to study very poorly, in the certificate for grade 9 he had solid three.

But at the same time, he had already successfully performed in small clubs and even made money. At the same time, the boy performed exclusively his own tracks.

The name of the team that went on stage together with Eldar came up quickly - Prototypes MC’s, and a young man took a name took a name D.L.Greez. Most of the songs of the young rapper were dedicated to love. As Eldar himself notes, this happened because he had problems on the personal front and he put his feelings about this into music.

It should be noted that the guys always shot videos on their music, but they did not upload them to the network. And only in 2015 they came up with the idea to start a YouTube channel. Thanks to the great support of the Vkontakte MDK group, to which the guys dedicated one of their songs, they quickly became popular and got their first subscribers.

On the same channel, Eldar began to promote another of his projects under the name “Successful Group”, which before that had already been awarded the title of the best video project on the “Runet Media Prize”. The guys make videos and perform concerts all over Russia.

Now, together with friends, she is shooting various shows for the ClickKlack channel.: Thrash Lotto, Draw, Give Bream and others. On his personal channel, Eldar constantly posts video blogs about his daily life.

Once met with Julia Resh, now she doesn’t talk about her girls.

In March 2017, a conflict broke out with Dmitry Larin, the guys even fought in Versus BPM.

Eldar Dzharakhov has a girlfriend Yana, she is a model.


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